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We Need A Hero X SHENTONISTA: Constructing Romance

This post is part of: We Need A Hero x SHENTONISTA — 2014We Need A Hero x SHENTONISTA — 2014







We’ve met Maxi before and we were impressed then, but we were equally enamoured with his outfit in our second meeting as this time, he worked a pastel palette with panache. His attention to detail was similarly impeccable – the spiffy polka-dotted tie, the artfully folded pocket square, the nonchalantly hooked sunglasses and the jaunty tie pin all showcased his sense of style and fun. Quite the sweetheart, Maxi shared that he wishes he could have a proper dinner with his parents whom he’s not seen for a while (“they don’t share the same country code and my working hours are so chaotic!”) and that if he were stranded on a desert island, he’d like to include “the future Mrs Maxi” as part of his three must-haves. Such a romantic. Maxi was previously spotted here.

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