Shentonista Highlights: July to September 2021

The responsibilities of adulthood can be overwhelming, and time rushes by so quickly that we often wonder what have we done for ourselves in the past year. Yet some of our Shentonistas have managed to take a step back and dedicate time to pick up new (and forgotten) hobbies. As we gear up for the last spurt of 2021, the Shentonista team takes a look at the 3rd quarter of the year and how our Shentonistas have lived lives beyond their careers. Below—we take a look at our favourite outfits and share advice from our Shentonistas.

Most Memorable Person: Krislyn

When we spotted Krislyn, she caught our attention in more ways than one. With her sleek monochrome getup paired with her dog, Koko, peeping out from her bag, we just had to hear her story. In our conversation, Krislyn shared with us heartfelt thoughts, and her kind and resilient spirit is something that we will remember for a long time.

Read more about Krislyn here.

Favourite Look: NadirahHow many can pull off a suit of royal purple paired with a sequinned bag that embodies the loud and snazzy era of disco in the ’70’s? Effortlessly chic, Nadirah’s outfit and style was one that we weren’t able to pull our eyes away from. With her penchant for dance and enthusiasm in living a fulfilling life, it’s no wonder that her style is so vibrant!

Read more from Nadirah here.

Favourite Lesson Learnt: Darren

“From fresh grads to experienced managers, imposter syndrome likely persists, so it’s important to recognise that self-doubt and constant learning will be a factor across your career.”

We often think that being an adult means knowing exactly what you’re doing, and that the same self-assurance will come to us when we age. Yet, as we progress in our career, most of us still experience self-doubt even when we have worked hard enough to deserve the credit—no thanks to the Asian virtue of staying humble. 

Darren shares the lesson that he has learnt here. 

Favourite Detail: Yan HanEvery time we think that we’ve seen all possible amalgamations of all-black outfits, someone comes along and surprises us.

Yan Han’s shoes hail all the way from Tokyo Bopper, a brand located in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan—the birthplace of many youth cultures and styles. Different from the usual high-top sneakers, this pair reminds us of jika-tabi—boots worn by ninjas, and adds an eye-catching detail to her outfit.

Read Yan Han’s feature here.

Favourite Tattoo Inspiration: TriciaWe are no strangers to tattoos on Shentonista and there can be many reasons—or no reason at all—for getting a tattoo. This quarter, we were moved by how Tricia’s tattoos embody her life experiences and relations with her family. From a bai ban mahjong tile to the mathematical formula of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Tricia eloquently explains how these symbolise parts of her.

Learn more about the inspiration and meaning behind each of Tricia’s tattoos here.

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