Shentonista Lookbook: A Guide to Phase 2

With the general populace all masked up, gone are the days where a smile can go a mile (let’s also spare a thought for lipstick brands who have no doubt seen a sharp dip in their total sales). Public transport announcements remind us to not have conversations with our companions, while outdoor gatherings are limited to five or less. It’s an uncertain new world that is opening up to us, a little at a time.

Necessary precautions must be taken to push us through this tough period, though they’ve made us wonder if we’re starting to lose touch of one of the very key things that make us human—being able to communicate, and to express our thoughts and emotions. Yet we must not forget that creativity is indeed the mother of invention: with masks dimming our expressions and a perfect red lip no longer our favourite go-to make up trick, why not draw people’s attention with a thoughtful outfit? For this month’s Shentonista Lookbook, we bring you some unique ways you can continue to express yourself while we continue the ongoing struggle to fit together the puzzle pieces of our lives to resemble the days of old.

Beyond The Surface

Our societal perception of tattoos have thankfully progressed past  archaic assumptions, with both the fashion and art world finding another common ground. In our years of interviews, we’ve chatted with people who ink their skin for very different reasons: some embed a personal story or memory, some mark a significant milestone in their lives, while others find that a particular design resonates with them. Whatever your reason may be, we believe everyone’s tattoos tell a tale of their own, and your body art might be the perfect medium to connect with another. Whether it’s just a hint to pique interest or a bold display of your full-sleeved work of art, there’s no better time to incorporate tattoos into daily fashion.

Carry A Message
Redefine the idea of a messenger bag by carrying one with a slogan of your choice. Though our means of communication may be restricted, eye-catching bags that proclaim your own beliefs are a fun way to inject a personal touch to your ensemble. Our favourite part about toting a tote? The sheer variety of choice that’s available, of course. A light-hearted comic or even a caricature drawn of our faces might just bring a hidden smile to someone’s face, while quippy quotes or long messages transform your bag into an extension of your personality. They won’t set you back too much either—tote bags tend to be an inexpensive way to accessorise, and might even help you #supportlocal. What’s not to love?

Heart On Your Sleeve
We’re accustomed to seeing prolific brand names boldly printed on the front of our t-shirts and sweaters,  but we believe that it’s an optimal moment to use your clothes to relay a message. We’ve moved past the era where we’ve shied away from graphic shirts that might be too bold or loud—it’s now high time to opt for bold words and even louder prints. Whether you’re a rogue kid, want to share your stand, or simply in the mood to shout out about the day you’re having, let your shirt be the canvas to share all your thoughts. Graphic tees are kid-friendly too: just think about the number of times you might have gotten Elsa’s infamous anthem stuck in your head after seeing a shirt that tells you to let it go.

With more of us getting attuned to the new pace of life during the second phase, we hope these suggestions inspire you to play around with your outfit and discover new platforms and means to truly be yourself.

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