Shentonista x TBHT: Of Love and Greenery

To describe The Botanist & Her Thieves as a mere plant shop would be an understatement. Then again, a space as unique as this one wouldn’t quite fit into any category that we can think of. Equal parts welcoming, calming, and charming, The Botanist’s first physical store is more of an experiential one, designed to host plant lovers, design junkies, and curious cats alike. Think tons of space to bask in the cool, neem-spray-scented air, and ample seating areas to catch up with friends over a new plant baby or two. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might even stumble into one of their pop-up events with other local brands that happen every now and then.

That said, perhaps we’ll stick with describing it from our point of view. So sit back, relax, and allow us to transport you to our go-to spot for a literal breath of fresh air.

At this point, you might be curious to find out who it is that has curated a space as charming as this. Well, contrary to its name, there’s more than one Botanist—in fact, there are four plant mamas behind The Botanist & Her Thieves—Cara, Cherin, Cheryl, and Michelle. The “Thieves” in the name refers to all of them as well—how they’d share and “steal” various plant cuttings from each other to grow their personal collections.

These longtime girlfriends are always a joy to be around, and each of them brings their own spark to the table. For the uninitiated, here’s our attempt at introducing each of them in a nutshell.

We could go on and on about the space that houses The Botanist & Her Thieves, and the ladies behind it all, but trust us when we say that this is a space best experienced in person. From the pots to the plants, to the tiny decor details peppered about the store, everything feels effortless, yet intentionally placed.

Plus, there’s just something about the space that makes us feel like we could be the best plant parents in the world. Maybe you could be too.

The Botanist & Her Thieves

[Permanently Closed as of October 2022]

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