Shentonistas Recommend: Home-Based Businesses (F&B)

As Singaporeans, we love food. It brings us together, comforts us, and preserves our culture. While the pandemic has restricted dining out, it has prompted us to appreciate the privilege and opportunity of having a meal with family and friends.

While things gradually reopen (as recently announced), we continue to look forward to the end of the pandemic and fully-opened spaces. During this time, we have an array of takeaway and delivery options to choose from for our stomachs as well as for us to continue supporting local businesses.

In the midst of stay-home measures, many Singaporeans have also turned to cooking as a way to satisfy their cravings. A few have gone beyond, channeling their energy into a business. During such a challenging time, these brave souls simply followed their passion for food to creatively provide us with even more delivery options.

This week, we feature these inspiring home-based F&B businesses run by entrepreneurs who create sweets and treats from their very own kitchen at home.

1. Jing Bakesanswers from Jing, founder of Jing Bakes

Jing Bakes
DM to order

2. The Tough Cookie SGanswers from Andy and Kayla, co-founders of The Tough Cookie SG

The Tough Cookie SG
Order via website or DM
Delivery hours
Sunday-Thursday: 2pm-8pm
Website /

3. The Overtime Baker answers from Vivien, founder of The Overtime Baker

The Overtime Baker
Order via order form
Order form / @theovertimebaker

4. Harina Bakeryanswers from Aaron and Jess, co-founders of Harina Bakery

Harina Bakery
Website/ @harinabakerysg

5. Bittenanswers from Nicole, founder of Bitten

Order via DM

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