Shentonistas Recommend: Home-Based Businesses (Products)

The lines between work- and home-life may have blurred as we WFH, but it has perhaps prompted many to combine their hobbies and skills into making and offering unique products. There is so much potential being tapped within the four walls of various homes, and at Shentonista, we continue to discover everyday Singaporeans with extraordinary talent.

Whether they started out of personal interest or were spurred on by Circuit Breaker, these individuals exemplify how creativity meets entrepreneurship in the products they make. From homewares and beauty products, to jewellery and embroidery, you can find lots of homemade items from home-based businesses (HBBs) across the island. Driven by purpose, these businesses are also fiercely committed to social causes such as animal welfare, LGBTQIA+ rights, and sustainability.

This week, we share stories of HBB founders and how their products contribute purposefully to our lives and society.

1. Pick A Paraanswers from Rae Lim, founder of Pick A Para

Pick A Para
DM for more info

2. Ube-roots— answers from founder of Ube-roots

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3. Haus of Odditiesanswers from K & J, founders of Haus of Oddities

Haus of Oddities
Comment on Instagram post or DM to purchase

4. Needling Nadia

answers from Nadia Majeed, founder of Needling Nadia

Needling Nadia
Purchase on website
Website / @needlingnadia

5. Jaded Chainsanswers from Dorcas and Zoee, co-founders of Jaded Chains

Jaded Chains
Purchase on website
Website / @jadedchains

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