Through The Years: Olivia

Olivia, Content & Communications. Top and skirt from The Editor’s Market, shoes from Topshop, bag from ASOS.

Some shy away from the heat, while others seek it out. More than just being Shentonista’s resident queen of spicy food, Olivia approaches work and life with a similar fire. On shoots, her boundless energy and dedication makes her a pillar of the team; in her downtime, the self-professed nature-lover is constantly seeking out new adventures, be it a hiking trail or a beach to spend lazy weekends on.

She’s equal parts sugar and spice, and anyone who’s been featured on Shentonista will know it’s impossible not to warm up to Olivia upon meeting her—a natural conversationalist, she’s able to encourage complete strangers to open up about anything, from their wildest dreams to their most embarrassing encounters. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has a winning smile that’s always ready to put people at ease and rarely subsides, come sun, rain or concrete falling off buildings (we’re not kidding!). Here, we look back on her previous features to see how her style and outlook has changed over the years.

What’s your spirit animal?
I think maybe a wild hare.

You meet so many different people on Shentonista. What’s the one thing that you have learned all those encounters?
From investment advice, to insights on all the different types of careers, which company caters lunch on a daily basis, tips on places to visit next, and the best beehoon in the CBD—there’s no one lesson but really, so many things. I’m always game for a good story about anyone’s latest adventure.

What’s a quote or philosophy you live by?
Everything happens for a reason—good or bad.

Tell us about your most adventurous night ever.
It had to be that night in New Zealand, down at Lake Daniells. My friends and I camped out deep in the woods; we were probably the only ones there. Before that night, we did a grocery run and were very pleased with all that we got for the night; we were all ready for a campfire, us friends just sitting around laughing about silly things. The exact opposite happened—it rained so heavily, the fire that we painstakingly put up kept threatening to die, we were super soaked and freezing cold (it was winter, by the way). But the amazing company, jokes, red wine, cheese, and salami saved the day.

One thing you’ve learnt from your years at work.
It’s never easy (nothing is), and when you screw up, you just gotta suck it up, learn, and move on.

Olivia was previously seen here:

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“Three things I can’t live without are chilli padi, sambal belacan & Tabasco sauce. If I can add one more, perhaps #meepokmornings.”

Slow & Easy / August 18, 2016
Dreams of lazy beach holidays aside, Olivia is content with just the simplest things in life—good food and time well spent in the company of friends.

Creature Comforts / November 8, 2013
From her sunny disposition to her tropical print shorts, Olivia radiates summer through and through.

In this series, we celebrate the Shentonistas who have been a part of our journey over the years.

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