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Having lived in Singapore for about a year, what do you like most about life here?
The weather—I like that it’s warm, because it’s very cold in my hometown now. I also like that Singapore is a very safe place to be, and people are all nice.

Since you work in an art gallery, tell us about the most interesting exhibition you’ve been to.
I’d highly recommend MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok. Locally, I enjoyed Art from the Streets, which was an exhibition at the ArtScience Museum earlier this year. I loved the idea of bringing something from the street environment into an institutional space, and I like that the art scene in Singapore is growing and people are interested to learn more about art.

What do you miss most about Hungary?
Definitely my family and friends, and also the weather at certain times of the year. It’s nice to experience the gentle sun in the springtime and autumn. The city life is also very vibrant and energetic and I miss that.

What are some places you’d recommend people visit when they travel to Hungary?
Budapest. Every person I’ve met who’s been to Budapest has told me that they loved it—the architecture is beautiful, the nightlife is exciting, and the festivals that take place in the summer are great too; there’s always something interesting going on.

What are some of your favourite local dishes?
Yong tau foo! It can be hard to find healthy and affordable food near my workplace, but I’ve really enjoyed yong tau foo ever since my local friends recommended it to me.

What are some of your favourite Singlish phrases?
There are a few, but I really like “can, can”, and “wait lah”—oh, and “alamak”! (laughs)

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