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What’s something you enjoy immensely about your job?
I work in a French Botanical brand and I’m very passionate about what I do. More and more, we’re becoming aware of the nasty chemicals that are in cosmetic products so I truly believe there’s nothing better than using products with natural ingredients.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?
I prefer a mix between casual and professional—something you can wear to work but can be a little informal too. I like having a sturdy bag as well. My bag is a little old, but it’s big and you can carry it around everywhere.

We noticed your bracelet has a Thai word inscribed on it—tell us more about it.
It’s actually the Thai word for ‘love’. I think love means a lot in this world, where we’re all in need of love or are in love with something. It’s an important thing to keep in mind.

Is there a show you’ve watched recently that you really enjoyed?
I watched Chernobyl, and I found it very catchy. It made me want to binge watch the entire series. I love Friends, so I had to rewatch it for probably the tenth time.

Who in Friends do you think you resemble most?
I think I’m a little bit of everyone actually. I love Rachel for her fashion sense, Ross for his sense of humour, Joey for his craziness, and Phoebe because she makes me laugh.

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done this year?
Getting a ticket to Komodo Island in Indonesia. It was an unplanned trip. It’s the only island where you can find Komodo dragons, and I think I was inspired by Game of Thrones a little when I booked it.

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