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How would you describe your usual style?
I like to call how I dress as lepak (relaxed or chill): I’ll throw over anything loose, oversized or flared anytime. I usually get my daily inspiration from Japanese brands like Wonder Mountain, MUJI, and NCNR. I’d say I usually choose comfort over fashion. And I’m definitely a sneakers person—I like pairing up linens and basics with kicks that usually stand out more than the rest of my outfit.

Would you rather explore deep underwater or outer space?
Deep underwater. I think it’s a challenge, and I like the adventure aspect. Both the options are equally interesting to me, but I think there’ll be more things to see underwater.

What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve done this year?
I was with two of my other girlfriends in New York to welcome the New Year, and we did what most people advised us not to do: we went through massive crowds for the countdown at Times Square! We queued for 6-7 hours in line, which we considered lucky because the locals were there queuing even earlier. We were squashed in the crowd, went through 3 rounds of intense security checks, and braced ourselves through the unpredictable rain while freezing at 6ºC—all just to welcome 2019! So glad I’m able to strike that off my bucket list though.

What’s an era you’d love to relive again?
Probably the ’60’s. I grew up looking at how my parents dressed—my mother especially—and seeing how fashionable she was back then makes me want to go back to that era.

If you could start any business, without worrying about the cost, what would it be?
A café, because I’m such a foodie, and I absolutely live for coffee! A café that serves a good cup of fresh brewed coffee, crisp waffles, Mom’s Western Speciality, with good indie pop jamming in the background like Joji, Boy Pablo’s, or Cigarettes After Sex.

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