A Cut Above The Rest








With her pixie-cut hair and laser-cut dress, Michelle is a picture of edgy sophistication. She says she usually wears more prints, florals, and colours, however, to get round the office dress code. “I’m a colourful person, and don’t shy away from colours,” Michelle says. “Except purple, I don’t quite like purple.” It helps that she picks out her outfit and accessories the night before, even though her husband always says she takes “too long” to get dressed anyway. At work, Michelle embraces challenges. “I like to get my brain tied up in knots,” she says. “It’s fun trying to solve a tough problem.” If she could, however, Michelle would rather spend time with her husband and her border collie, Russell, go diving, or save marine creatures. “I’d like to dive in the Galapagos and the Blue Hole!” she says. “If I could do anything, I’d travel the world with my husband and Russell and work on animal and marine life conservation.”

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