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As a fashion stylist, Aaron can be trusted to put himself together well. We like how he isn’t afraid to dress down a little, with a t-shirt, sneakers, and “ratty old bag”, while keeping the rest of his outfit polished. Aaron’s almost living out his job, because even his work is an extension of himself. “It’s sort of hard to explain, but when you’re creating fashion images, you can’t help but put a bit of yourself into each picture you create, like a little signature,” he says. “The most rewarding feeling is seeing the hard work materialise in a picture that inspires people and transcends time.” The downside of his job? “I hate carrying all the heavy bags of clothes and shoes, especially during Fall/Winter season,” he admits. “Can die one.” Nonetheless, Aaron has become more adept at separating work and personal life. “I’ve learnt to accept that no matter how many late nights you clock, your in-tray never clears up. So I’ve kind of forced myself to shut my “work-brain” off once I leave the office. Just like how you respect time for work, you have to respect time for yourself too.”

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