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Winnie is slightly surprised that we’ve stopped her to ask for her photo. “I’m really dressed down today!” she says, and her colleague who is with her laughs and agrees. We still think there’s much to be said about her airy floral blouse, smart, cropped navy pants and cut-out shoes that are a welcome change from the usual stilettos or open-toed pumps without looking too unprofessional. She finishes off her look with a simple chain necklace, keeping the focus on the print of her shirt and on her unusual shoes. Winnie shows us how to switch up a corporate look without crossing the border. “My style is pretty much casual, and we don’t really have a dress code in the office.” Winnie is from Hong Kong, but studied in France before finally coming to work in Singapore. Perhaps her experiences around the world have helped her to form her own unique sense of style that doesn’t try too hard, but still manages to tick all the right boxes.

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