A Fine Balance


Shu Hui





Kate Spade



Shu Hui’s striking houndstooth-printed skirt caught our eye as she was leaving the office for the day. It adds some visual appeal to her monochromatic outfit, and Shu Hui says that she’s usually in black when it comes to workwear. “I also like cropped tops, and midi skirts.” While today’s look is a little different from her usual, she adds some vibrancy to the outfit through her natural-looking makeup and loose curls, and opts for low, practical slingback shoes instead of stilettos, which might have tipped her outfit over the edge, into trashy territory. Her classic, timeless bag also helps to tone down the look. Shu Hui works in banking, and says that while her job does have its challenges, she loves the aspect of interaction. “I get to deal with people from all different walks of life.” With such a pleasant demeanour, we’re sure she brings joy to everyone she meets.

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