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Amidst the after-work crowd in the Central Business District, we spotted Siti again — this time in her #casualfriday get-up. “Friday is sneakers day! Regardless of whether I’m in jeans or a dress.” Today, it was her multi-coloured dress that caught our eye. No matter what she puts on, or feels like wearing, Siti shares one style tip: it is important to attempt to dress up tastefully. “Some people are lucky to be born gorgeous, but most of us need effort!” she says. “That’s for you to feel good about yourself, because you don’t need to please anyone else.” Siti is otherwise grateful that there are no specific dress codes to adhere to at work, and says it comes down to time management to look presentable, picking out her outfits the night before so that she doesn’t have to rush. Mornings are always hectic for Siti as a working mother with no helper. “I need to prepare a quick breakfast for my eldest and get the younger ones ready for school,” she says. “Once you decide to become a mother you have to sacrifice certain things, like not having the luxury of being able to chill with my friends over coffee, or watching movies.” However, she is contented because she prioritises family above all else, and is grateful that her current job is very flexible, allowing her to achieve that work-life balance. On the weekends, Siti enjoys cooking for her loved ones whenever she finds the time. “When you don’t have a helper, you are on your own! House chores and attending to the kids help to keep me and hubby active.” Siti also shares that she enjoyed drawing clothes when she was a young girl, and always dreamt of being an air stewardess or supermodel. “At least some my dreams do come true,” she jokes. “Getting featured on Shentonista gives me that one minute of fame!”

Siti was previously seen here.

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