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You’re a lawyer and also a bespoke tailor—can you share with us about the most challenging and interesting project you’ve ever worked on?
Designing the uniforms for Odette, the French fine dining restaurant housed in the National Gallery. It was challenging and memorable in many ways—I was very new in the scene, and it was my first foray into uniforms. The challenge was in creating a look that reflected their ideals of being genuine, warm, comfortable, and inviting, when most fine dining restaurants are traditionally more serious and sometimes even oppressive. It was definitely a learning experience and made an impact on how I think and approach ideas and concepts.

What’s the most heartwarming thing you’ve come across recently?
A coffeeshop assistant quietly settling the bill for a palsy-stricken, wheelchair-bound diner and his helper, without any fanfare, recognition, or expectation of reward. It was a reminder that goodness exists all around us, if we only slow down to notice it.

What’s something interesting people don’t really know about you?
I put on some really campy ’80’s music when I clean the store. It puts the boom boom into my heart, and jitterbug into my brain.

If you could trade lives with anyone in the world for just a day, who would it be and why?
My girlfriend, definitely. I want to be able to empathise with her on how difficult it is to put up with someone like me. (laughs)

What life skills are rarely taught but extremely useful?
The art of making meaningful small talk.

Samuel was previously seen here and here.

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