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Garrett Leight

You might not be able to tell from this set of photos, but one of the things in his wardrobe that Richard says he can’t live without are his cotton boxer shorts. That, and his trusty Omega Seamaster watch which never leaves his wrist. “I love it — I swim, shower, and scuba dive with it.” He describes his wardrobe as “eclectic”, and says he buys from brands that are good quality and that make him look good. “Understated style is underrated.” Richard is the front of house manager at Luxe Singapore and Luxe Sydney, although hospitality isn’t what he imagined himself to be working in. “My love of working with people has made it a very natural progression though,” he says. “What started out as a part time job whilst studying has turned into a career and a passion.” As such, Richard says that the most rewarding part of his job is the people. “From the great staff that I have the pleasure of working with, to ensuring that every customer leaves satisfied — I want people to have a great experience, from the great service, to the delicious food prepared with love, to the great atmosphere.” He finds it very important to take pride in whatever he does, and advises everyone to do the same. “And don’t say yes to everything! Learn to say no when you know you’re overloaded as it is.” This is how he tries to make it a priority to have time for his friends and family, even with the long hours he works even in the evening and over the weekends. Beyond that, Richard keeps active and finds fulfilment in things outside of work as well. “I love dancing, and losing myself to a great rhythm. I love skiing, scuba diving, running, and swimming. I love a good laugh with friends. I love a super dry gin martini, one olive please. I love classical music and jazz. I love being on the receiving end of great hospitality. Role models? People who have so much with so little.”
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