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When it comes to dressing appropriately for work, Helena speaks from experience. She works in marketing in the construction and engineering industry, which means that she meets clients in vastly differing workplaces. “Early in my career I arrived on my first day at work wearing heels and a skirt suit. Later that same day I ended up visiting a waste recycling plant and had to walk four floors up an external steel mesh staircase with my heels dropping through the gaps and my skirt blowing up in the wind,” she says. “I now keep extra clothes and shoes in my office so that I am always prepared. I was given some good advice when I first started working about keeping my work wardrobe distinctive from my social and leisure wear.” Helena says that her favourite part of her job is working with people from a wide range of industries. “I’ve gained insight into organisations I’d never have dreamt of working with, ranging from luxury hotel brands to Olympic Games organising committees.” The worst thing about being a marketer, she says, is that some people think marketing simply entails “producing pretty posters and brochures”. Her biggest piece of advice when it comes to work is to learn to ask. “I found that most people, no matter how senior their position, would talk freely about aspects of their work when they knew I was genuinely interested,” she says. “I also learnt to volunteer for tasks that other people shied away from. If no one else wanted to do them I found that I got to do them my way and people would start to rely on me for input on other projects.” Even then, Helena makes sure that she sets aside time for the important things in life. “My time is prioritised by my ‘must haves’ – these are the activities that absolutely must happen,” she says. “Everyone’s ‘must haves’ are different so be honest with yourself.” Her list includes heading to the gym almost every day, and occasionally exploring Singapore to take in the sights and enjoy the food. This active mother used to be a casino cabaret performer, and still loves dancing and singing. Her favourite word? “Courage,” she says. “It’s a word I first liked as a child and one that I take it into consideration when I am making tough decisions.”
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