A Gentle Breeze


Christel F


With her floppy sun hat and bright smile, Christel caught our eye immediately as we wandered around Gillman Barracks during Singapore Art Week. It was sweltering hot outside, and we had been on our feet for quite a while, but meeting Christel lifted our mood instantly. In her gentle, lilting voice, she told us that she had only just come to Singapore from France a few days back, and was really enjoying the art and the weather that our sunny island has to offer.

What stands out most about Christel’s outfit is her dress, with its wide blue and white stripes and wavy, bright red accents, which offset her silvery locks of hair, light blue leather bag, simple white shoes, and minimal gold jewellery. The finishing touch: a skinny yet intricate brown belt with gold and silver detailing that you wouldn’t immediately think would complement her dress, but perhaps it was that revered French je ne sais quoi that helped Christel pull everything together.

In between shots, her companion tells us that Christel has been stopped by street photographers a couple times now, and we can see why. She’s a natural in front of the camera, posing effortlessly with the most radiant smile on her face. Her effervescent personality also shines through in the brief conversation we had with her, before she rushed off to keep her companion from waiting.

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