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Tell us more about what you do as a Healing Therapist and how you found yourself in this interesting profession.
After suffering from sudden deafness in my 20s back in Tokyo, I left my job and travelled to Australia for a working holiday. It was there that I discovered naturopathic medicine, an alternative medical system that emphasises preventive and natural remedies, and decided to incorporate its practice into my daily life.

I brought this newfound knowledge and interest in naturopathy with me when I moved to Singapore to work in IT, but the stressful lifestyle and a subsequent pregnancy triggered a severe onset of eczema, which sent me deeper into my studies into medical aromatherapy, naturopathy, biochemistry, immunology, and wave therapy.

Since natural medicine has worked so well for me, I wanted to bring its awareness to others as well. That was how I started my journey as a Healing Therapist, by giving aromatherapy lessons and naturopathic care workshops to expatriate mothers who are raising children in a foreign country like myself. Over the years, my unparalleled healing menu has been appreciated by many others such as executives who are under a lot of work stress.

Share with us some of your hobbies outside of work.
One of my favourite weekend activities is to go for a walk and picnic at East Coast Park with my family, where we’d drink coffee—my daughter loves Frappuccinos—and listen to the sound of waves. We also love to bake, do aroma crafts, and research on places to visit during upcoming school holidays.

Apart from that, I also like to dance, exercise, and do yoga and pilates.

What has being a mother been like for you?
Being a mother was the natural next stage of my life; I feel my soul being refined through childbirth and parenting. My daughter is learning new things every day, and I in turn learn from her too.

At the same time, being a mother has given me the chance to reflect on my past relationship with my parents, and recognise how they loved me.

What’s the biggest lesson your daughter has taught you?
My daughter has taught me what unconditional love is and how to express it.

Likewise, what’s a piece of advice you would like to impart to her?
I want my daughter to know that her possibilities are infinite. I wish for her to challenge and trust in herself, follow her sincere heart, and never give up.

What are your hopes for the year?
I’ve noticed that people have become more stressed and anxious due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. As a Healing Therapist, I’d like to bring healing to as many people as possible in 2023.

In reality, many people are skeptical when they hear the words ‘healing’ and ‘spirituality’, so I want to spread the benefits of self-healing through naturopathy.

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