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Tell us what you do for work. Was this something you’ve always wanted to do?
I tutor international students in secondary school math and science.

Frankly, I became an educator completely by chance. Back in China, many people told me how great it was living in Singapore, so I came here to give it a go. Since I have a background in chemistry, I decided to teach, and I’ve been doing so for two years.

I do enjoy what I do. Young people nowadays are so mature; at just 15 or 16, I can treat my students like my friends.

What do you love about the arts?
When it comes to art, there are no limits or human restrictions; you can fully express yourself.

Art makes me feel free, and often makes me ponder on the meaning of life. In fact, I question the meaning of life everyday—all the time! I’ll probably spend my whole life trying to figure it out, but it’s a mystery best explored through art.

Do you personally create art of your own, or partake in any art activities?
Many of my friends are performers, so we like to sing and dance together—that’s what they do. As for me, I’m just there to have a good time (laughs).

Do you find any similarities in math and art?
Oh definitely! Of course there are differences—math is logical and bound by rules while art isn’t. Nevertheless, when you’re interested in something, the innate passion to explore is exactly the same.

There’s so much beauty in even geometric shapes and numbers, although my students will tell you otherwise (laughs)!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I’m not sure, but I’d like to think that I’ll be a better version of myself, and likely still living in Singapore.

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