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Luiza Barcelos



Bruna caught our eye from afar as we strolled along the perimeter of Marina Bay Sands for the tenth time that day, and we think it’s clear why—in a stunning pair of lime green pants, with a hot pink bag slung casually over her shoulder, Bruna stood out from the crowd of tourists and locals alike.

As we approached her and her companion, she greeted us with the brightest smile, and was more than willing to be photographed. Despite the language barrier, Bruna posed confidently in front of the camera, and even threw on her blazer for our photos in spite of the sweltering heat.

Dressed almost entirely in Brazilian labels, Bruna tells us that she works as a personal image consultant, and that she really enjoys what she does. With her confidence and warm personality, we can tell she’s a perfect fit for the job. As we snapped away, her companion tells us that they’ve both recently relocated to Singapore from Brazil with their husbands who are now working here. Strangers before they arrived, the pair have forged a strong friendship with each other in the three months they’ve been in Singapore—a given, considering how they’ve both found familiarity in a foreign place in each other.

Though she’s still relatively new to Singapore, Bruna says that Singapore has already grown to become a special place in her heart. “I admire the culture and the way of life of the people here,” she tells us. “What I like to do most here is to walk through the streets and appreciate the landscapes of nature and the architecture of the city.”

As we parted ways after our quick shoot—Bruna and her companion off for a midday cuppa, and us, off to trawl the area in search of our next profile—we can’t help but think about how nice it must be to see the world with an unexpected friend.

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