A Kind Of Calm






When we last met you, you said that one of your most memorable travel experiences was to a music festival in Amsterdam. What’s changed since then?
I’m older now, so I don’t go for that kind of thing any more. Now, I just look forward to having drinks with friends at the end of the week, and staying home with Netflix and just chilling. Right now, I’m watching Sacred Games.

If you could live in any TV series, what would it be?
Mad Men, because they always seem so cool, smoking and drinking whisky, always out and having fun.

What’s a drink that best describes you?
Piña colada, because it seems like a summery drink, which I think suits my personality.

What are some tips you can give to aspiring brokers?
Always listen, because everyone’s talking at the same time, especially when it’s busy and people are all screaming. You have to be sharp, listen, enunciate, and be clear at all times.

If you had to give a 40-minute presentation on anything without preparation, what would it be about?
What to do with a week in London, because I lived there for about 10 years. Some places that I’d recommend people visit would be Portobello Market, Notting Hill, Shoreditch, Brick Lane, and Columbia Road Flower Market.

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