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Having just moved here from Sydney, what have you experienced in Singapore?
The hawker centres. I enjoy the food here, especially nasi lemak. I really like that Singapore’s an exciting place to be; there’s always something happening, with cheap food and fun places to visit. I also like the live music and bars; there isn’t as much of that in Sydney where I’m from.

What has been the biggest difference between life here and in Sydney?
I’d say it’s the convenience. Having the MRT really makes a difference, so it doesn’t take you as long to get to work. Also, all the eateries around here means you’re never lacking in choices of where to go for lunch.

What are some of your wardrobe staples?
I often have to meet clients so I always have a shoe rack at work, to make sure I have heels that dress up my outfit. I like fun, colourful heels—it definitely helps to make an impression.

What’s your one tip for people who are about to start work?
Be yourself. As long as you’re genuine, people will trust and respect your value.

What do you like to do on weekends?
My husband and I like going on nature trails. We’ve been to Punggol, by the river, and recently we also went to Bukit Chandu. We’d also like to travel and visit more of Asia since it’s easier now that we’re living here.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?
Take your work seriously, but don’t stress out too much.

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