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Hailing from the world’s fashion capital, we spotted Jean-Baptiste in a casually stylish get-up that’s typically French. We like his take on the effortlessly minimalist look, pairing subtle white and blue stripes with muted, earthy-green pants. It seems that the devil’s in the details; Jean-Baptiste explains that he gets his clothes tailored in order to inject bits of personality. Jean-Baptiste’s job in research takes him across the world, which he enjoys immensely. “I like the travels, both regional and global. The volatility of the industry, however, is worrying.” Experience has taught Jean-Baptiste that it is important to keep your feelings separate from work. “Stay professional in every situation, and believe in yourself,” he says. In his free time, Jean-Baptiste enjoys working out, travelling, and listening to great music, and DJ-ing. In fact, if he could, he would be in a travelling DJ, sharing his music with the world. His love for culture, music, and life, probably mirrors his personal philosophy: “Anything made with soul can’t be wrong.”

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