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“Look up,” is the best advice Katie’s ever received. “We spend so much time looking down, on the move from place to place — since when were pavements so interesting? There’s so much more to see, take in and marvel at when you look up.” It seems Katie’s been keeping this close to heart, having found a job in the travel industry that introduces her to plenty of new sights; she was just in Miami the day before we caught her. Because her work’s so intricately laced with her daily life, Katie’s personal style largely revolves around practicality. “I’m frequently on my feet and darting from place to place for meetings, so flats and trainers are a must — I’m on my sixth pair of New Balance sneakers!” she says. “I always look out for fabrics that aren’t going to crease easily and are durable.” It’s not always been this way, and Katie shares how her personal style has hugely evolved over the years. “Whether I’ve liked it or not, my personal style has always been a manifestation of myself, so there have been a few questionable outfits.” If she could travel back in time and speak to her 16 year-old self, Katie would say: “Listen to your parents more, they love you beyond comprehension; cherish your friendships — the oldest friends are the best friends;  and wear sunblock.”

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