A Little Spark



Celine exuded confidence in her minimal black jacket and fitted grey dress as we spotted her on Pekin Street, on the way to lunch at Ya Kun with a colleague. Nothing beats traditional delights at the renowned establishment—comfort food is always there to pick us up in the middle of our work day. Her height further accentuated by cream-coloured heels bought in Bangkok, Celine stood out against the vibrant row of shophouses. 

Her necklace, rings, and watch shone subtly in rose gold; not too loud, but just enough to add a little bit of sparkle to her neutral outfit, complementing her carefully-manicured fingernails which also glittered with specks of gold. Celine chatted with us briefly about her day, but we were cautious not to take up too much of her precious lunch hour. 

As Celine walked away, the ruffles at the bottom of her checkered dress flounced with her gait, offsetting the more formal top half of her look—reminding us that it’s Friday after all.

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