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Have you found the last one and a half years challenging?
Professionally, no. Personally, I don’t think there was anything challenging or difficult as well. After learning through the process and getting used to the new experience, it has become a norm. So it’s just how you adjust to it. 

What are some ways that you found yourself adjusting?
I regularly work out by going for my runs regularly. That’s something that I didn’t do previously. I’m not taking things for granted anymore and I’m trying to live in the present. It made me understand the meaning of family time because I couldn’t even see my parents for a period of time due to the social restrictions in place. 

Is there something that you’re really grateful for during the past year?
I’m grateful to be able to spend time at home. I’m trying to enjoy that and make time for baking. I have more time now because I don’t have to go to the office for work every day. 

Is baking something you’ve picked up recently?
No, I’ve been baking for a really long time! When I see good recipes, I’ll bake for my parents and friends.

Is there something that you’re trying to improve on?
Professionally, I’m going to be sitting for an examination. Personally, I want to learn photo editing as I do a bit of personal styling. I want to learn how to upload better images on Instagram. I also want to learn to skateboard because I can’t balance. But that’s something which I’m pushing to the end of the year because I’m focused on getting good grades for the examination right now. 

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