A Meaningful Life







Alexander Wang





I’m a mum of two!
Not many people can tell. My daughter is three and my son is eight; I got married really young. I try to get home early from work because of the kids. 

People don’t know this but…
I’m good at kickboxing! I kickbox a lot, do yoga five times a week, and I go to the gym during my lunch break almost everyday.

You’re from the Philippines; what’s good there?
We have a lot of pristine, untouched beaches with clear blue waters. If you want to go somewhere quiet and would like to venture out, then go to Palawan. It’s really beautiful.

In my free time:
I cook a lot when I’m home, mainly Chinese food. I learnt how to cook from my in-laws. My husband is Cantonese so food is important—they must have soup, vegetables, and fish. All the works!

My best dish:
Claypot rice, and my soups are good. My son loves my watercress soup.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
Probably marrying my husband, because he changed me in so many ways. I became more mature, I guess, and he gave my life meaning. Especially after I gave birth—I finally know what life is about.

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