Up High



I’m probably the tallest man in Singapore.
I’m six foot four, which is almost two metres. When I’m walking around, I stand out.

I’m originally from London.
I run a business in Singapore, and I’ve been here for three years. I love Singapore, I’m practically Singaporean.

Why do you say so?
Because of the way I talk, lah! (laughs)

The thing I miss most about London:
Organic, good provenance, good quality food. I feel that Singapore is lacking in organic, healthy vegan food.

In my free time:
I work. It’s a sad reality, but when you run your own business, you kind of work 24/7. I really like being based in the Keong Saik area, though, as there’s lots of good food and bars on the streets. 

Best decision I’ve ever made:
Starting my own business! Probably the best and worst decision (laughs). Best decision because you’re in control of it, worst decision because it’s seriously hard work.

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