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Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I was home-schooled till I was 16, and it was great! I watched Barney, Star Wars, and other sci-fi shows, so that was a lot of fun. I had a lot of free time to sleep in too. Although the downside was not having friends, it wasn’t hard for me to make new ones because I really like people and talking to them. It’s always an adventure being with people who are not family.

Best decision ever:
I traded a laptop that I bought for the one I’m currently using on Carousell. I’ve traded so much stuff on Carousell, such as my previous phone for this current one, and I basically bought 50% of my stuff there because it’s so cheap. A life hack: use Carousell.

If you could time-travel, which moment would you visit and why?
Definitely to the period where dinosaurs existed, because they’re cool! And because we don’t know what sounds they make. Maybe I’ll travel to the future as well, just to see what happens.

Favourite book:
Spider Robinson’s Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon, which is about an inter-dimensional bar that’s stumbled upon by many random people. It’s a feel-good kind of sci-fi book.

How you would you describe your style?
I’d normally wear jeans, sneakers and a collarless shirt. I have five Uniqlo shirts of different colours.

My motto in life:
Nothing’s embarrassing if you’re not embarrassed by it.

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