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Monica Vinader

Tell us more about what you do for work.
I’ve been a lawyer for the past seven years since qualifying in 2015. I currently do corporate law, and I think it’s sufficiently intellectually challenging.(laughs)

Work must get pretty crazy for you, being a lawyer. How does your work-life balance look like right now?
Actually, I moved in-house maybe one and a half years ago, so I would say right now, I’m on the path to achieving an appropriate work-life balance. Sorry for adding so many qualifiers in what I’m saying! (laughs)

So in your time off work, what do you like to do?
I’m quite nerdy. I like to research on skincare and fashion. It’s totally not related to law, and is just something to give me a break from work.

I like to study skincare ingredients, so I actually read the ingredient labels on products to make sure that the ingredients used are appropriate for healthy skin.

What are some must-haves in your skincare routine?
Right now, it’s just the basics for me actually, because I realise that simplicity is best, so just moisturiser and sunscreen.

What about fashion then? What do you like to read up on?
Just the usual—following some of my favourite fashion bloggers and reading what they have to say or looking at what they wear for fashion ideas. @hapatime is one of my favourites at the moment.

Where do you usually shop?
I shop online, on random websites, sometimes Zara. I feel like I can’t do much physical shopping nowadays. It gets very tiring, and I already know my measurements, so I don’t have to keep trying stuff on anyway.

I’m also all about comfort these days. Old already (laughs).

Apart from reading up on skincare and fashion, how do you typically destress on the weekends?
Destress ah? I think go to bars, restaurants, checking out events whenever Singapore has anything, like the iLight festival or Gastrobeats.

I think this year’s iLight was quite interesting actually, with the firefly fields and those standing balls (laughs). Gastrobeats was quite fun too! I was mainly there for the food and the vibes really.

What food do you usually like to eat?
Fusion foods. I’m trying to find more fusion restaurants in Singapore, like maybe Asian or Indian mixed with European, but I haven’t really found something that I really like in Singapore yet.

My favourite fusion restaurant isn’t even in Singapore actually. It’s called Manja, and it’s in Kuala Lumpur. Oh my gosh, it’s the best. It beats even Michelin restaurants. It’s that legit, and it’s not even very expensive. It’s like normal café prices. If you ever get to go KL, please go there, I highly recommend it. It’s Indian mixed with European, and every dish is like wow, amazing. Flavours bursting in your mouth and stuff.

What about comfort food then?
Chicken rice—basic and comforting.

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