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Where are you from, and what do you do for work?
I’m from Korea, travelling now in Singapore, and I’m a video producer. I produce K-pop music videos, and have been doing this for seven years after majoring in and studying video production in Korea.

It’s very fun, because the many artists that I work with have many talents, so I really like shooting them.

What are some of the artists that you’ve worked with?
I’ve worked with many K-pop artists like EXO, Girls Generation, and SM Entertainment artists. Now, I’m working with Avex Entertainment’s new girl group, XG.

Is this trip to Singapore a solo trip for you?
Yes, I usually travel alone because I want to take many photos while travelling, and with my friends, it’s so difficult to do that, so I like being alone (laughs). I can take my time.

Apart from photography and videography, what else do you like to do?
I like listening to music and watching Netflix (laughs). But my favourite show is a YouTube series by the K-pop group Seventeen. They’re a boy group in Korea, and they have a YouTube show called Going Seventeen. It’s very funny! I like watching that.

I really like them as well. I’ve met and worked with them before. They’re very nice people.

What about food? What do you enjoy eating?
My favourite food is Chinese hotpot. I love Haidilao! There are many, many outlets in Korea. The tomato soup is very delicious. I like it—no, I love it.

Can you tell us more about the camera you’re using right now?
The camera is Fujifilm, but the lens is Minolta. It’s a film lens and digital camera. I have a lot of cameras, because I like using different cameras for different things.

For making videos, I like Sanyo video cameras. Sanyo is a Japanese company, and they have retro video cameras, which I like using. So I like Sanyo video cameras, this type of digital Fujifilm cameras, and film cameras.

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