A Short Stop


Mdm Ho


We spotted Mdm Ho on a cold, dreary morning in Chinatown, when the streets were slick with rain and unusually quiet. Strolling past us in a traditional Chinese-style co-ord set, we knew we had to photograph her, or at least compliment her on her outfit.

Initially hesitant, Mdm Ho gradually warmed up to us as we chatted with her, and began striking various poses for us, from the classic hands-on-hips to throwing up the youthful peace sign. When asked why she was out and about so early on a rainy day, Mdm Ho tells us that she had plans to meet with a friend for breakfast that morning, and opted for this purple and blue floral cheongsam top and pants combo because it was both presentable and comfortable.

Towards the end of our shoot, Mdm Ho asked if she could have a look at the photos we snapped of her, and quietly told us that they were nicely taken. We would have loved to chat more with her, but she didn’t want to keep her friend waiting, so we thanked her for her time, said our goodbyes, and parted ways.

As we went on with the rest of our day, we found ourselves looking back on this encounter with Mdm Ho. Though brief, we appreciated the breath of fresh air and subtle pop of colour she brought to us on this gloomy day, and were once again in awe of how the right people always seem to show up at the right time.

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