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Sabrina says that, while it might depend on one’s work industry or the occasion, first impressions count and it’s important to be appropriately dressed. “I hear that it may also be better to overdress than to underdress when one is unsure of the dress code beforehand.” Sabrina picks up on accessories that have interesting details for the finishing touch to her outfits, and keeps an eye out for unique pieces to purchase when she travels. The best accessory? “A smile definitely helps to send out cheerful vibes to other people.” It especially helps when she has to meet different clients at work, understanding their needs and providing effective solutions while building relationships. “I also feel that it’s very important to stay hungry and driven,” she says. “If you make mistakes, be humble and learn from them.” While work was a challenge when she first started, Sabrina says that she gradually learnt how to manage her expectations, prioritise her activities, and plan ahead if possible. She says that her humble and loving family has been her great strength of motivation, teaching her to be optimistic. “Convert challenges into opportunities,” she advises. If she had more time, Sabrina says she would love to be able to travel more often, especially to exotic places that are rich in history and culture. She’s also a big foodie. “Although I might seem petite to many people, I have an enormous appetite for various kinds of cuisines. I make up for all that eating and café-hopping by going in-line skating, which has been my favourite hobby for the past 20 years.”

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