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Something interesting about myself:
I quite like getting “marks” from creating or doing things. Like paint I can’t quite get off my fingers, or bruises and cuts from a hike. It’s probably why I don’t mind my freckles so much, although my mum swears I’ll live to regret the times I don’t use sunblock.

A few women I’m inspired by:
Sara Bareilles, Jessica Chastain, and Michelle Obama. They inspire a steadfast and silent strength, a voice and bravery. There’s a lot of grace in how they handle themselves and what they take on, and authenticity in how they give to and treat others, and they’re not afraid to be silly!

Most memorable trip:
A road trip out of Las Vegas. I got to drive across state lines with vastly different landscapes, and it was my first time on right-hand drive too. I got to see stars and challenged myself on hikes, and I just found myself in small towns with great coffee and really unique characteristics. I love being able to drive overseas and imagining the kind of life I’d have if I lived there.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
In my final year of university, I said yes to a trip to the (United) States, instead of coming back in spring like I usually did. That trip unearthed a real curiosity for art and from there, the love for it has just grown. It’s a huge part of me now and continues to be a great source of strength and inspiration.

I destress or relax by retreating.
Most times I zone out with shows or read, but I love going on walks, especially at night. I’d find a space to sit and be “invisible” for a while, and observe the sounds and find some sort of calm through that.

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