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I shop wherever I go.
Places like ZARA are just affordable and the pieces look good so I can buy in bulk, but if I’m looking for interesting pieces then I just take my time. If I see something I really like, I’ll buy it. I don’t pay attention to the brand, I pay attention to how it fits. I have a couple of pieces from brands like COS and Chi Chi Von Tang.

The last place I visited:
Ibiza—it was all parties, beaches, and rock climbing.

City or beach holiday?
I’ve always felt like I was more of a city boy so I’m always attracted to cities. I was born in Brooklyn, and grew up on islands like Saint Lucia, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. On holidays though, I’m more of a nature, waterfalls, and mountains kind of person instead of a beach person, and I think it’s because I grew up on a beach.

Most exciting thing I’ve done lately:
Creating a nightclub, Kilo Lounge. We just opened last week and it’s been an exciting project so far! To me, the lounge is a place of discovery, a place where you go and you’re not sure what’s going to happen or what you’re going to hear, but you just get excited.

I hope that Kilo Lounge will become a music institution of sorts in Southeast Asia.
That it’ll be the reason why international artists come down to the region, and a place for them to connect with local musicians and really put Singapore and Singaporean music on the world map.

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