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You’re the head chef at Grain Traders—can you share with us something you’ve learned about eating well?
We’ve noticed that more people are learning to take better care of themselves through their food choices, and part of that is learning about their food—what exactly it is that they’re eating, and where it comes from. I think that’s a good thing, not just for our own health, but for the environment.

Tell us a little more about your accessories:
My necklace is a gift from a friend. It’s from La Pilarica, which is a cathedral in Zaragoza in Spain, and it’s believed to provide protection for the wearer. My bracelets are from Cambodia. I lived in Phnom Penh for five years before moving to Singapore, so they’re my memories from my time there.

What’s a food or a dish that best describes you?
Chocolate ice cream! (laughs) No, it’d be a homemade meal, or any dish from home. I like cooking at home and sharing meals with family, so that’s something that represents me.

What’s one dish you’d recommend that everyone try from Venezuela, where you’re from?
Arepas (a flat bun or patty made from corn flour); otherwise, I’d recommend empanadas, which are baked or fried pastries with fillings.

You’ve travelled a lot, and lived in many places as well—what’s somewhere you haven’t been to, but would like to visit someday?
I’ve never been to Africa, so I’d love to go there and be close to nature—maybe see the animals on the safari, and I’d like to see a baobab tree up close.

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