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Tell us more about what you do.
I work as a brand strategist in an advertising agency, but it was something I stumbled into after studying literature and sociology in university. What I find interesting is that they’re both forms of storytelling, but on different scales. Literature allows you to look at one person’s journey, while advertising requires you to look at huge sets of data to draw out a larger story, whether it’s a trend on social media or survey results.

What’s one book you think everyone should read?
Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window. I believe that what we think of as ‘children’s books’ aren’t just for children’s enjoyment, because they contain universal truths, and serve as a reflection of our own growth and development when we re-read them as adults.

You were at the gym just before we met you—how do you include fitness into your daily routine?
You just have to start and keep to it once you get started. I like rock climbing and weight training, and I think Singapore as a whole is just catching on to the idea that strong is beautiful. It helps that my whole team at work makes it a point to exercise together because there’s the sense of bonding, and just a little competitiveness.

We celebrated Chinese New Year back in February—what’s the most annoying or awkward question you’ve been asked?
When you have to share relationship updates with relatives you haven’t seen in a while! (laughs)

If you could create an ad for yourself, what would the tagline be, and why?
“Heart. Brain. Balls.”—your heart sets the direction; your brain plots the course; then you go grab life by the balls and do it.

What’s something that isn’t taught in schools, but that you believe everyone should learn?
How to truly listen. In school, we learn to excel in following instructions, but that’s not listening for the sake of understanding. We need to learn how to listen to each other, and more importantly to differing points of view. Listening with intent has been the basis of everything I do, from my work now; to listening to lower income families and their worries before founding Connect Tuition, the tuition group I started in university; to my everyday attempts to be a better friend, sister, and daughter.

Lynette was previously seen here.

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