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Tell us more about what you do and how you got into this job.
I’m a Producer/Director for corporate communications—I give clients a vision and concept, and then bring them to life. I love creating stories, so I guess it just came naturally to me. In fact, this will be my 31st year in this career!

What types of content do you enjoy?
I don’t like lengthy books, unless it’s Harry Potter—I’m a huge fan! But most of the time, I read short, non-fictional stuff like directors’ notes or behind-the-scenes articles.

I just love reading about the thought process of directors, producers, and especially copywriters. The mind really intrigues me. There are so many levels to being a creative, and they come from a part of the brain that AI cannot replace.

If you could dive into the mind of anybody in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Definitely David Fincher. He’s the director of Se7en and many other amazing productions. I love the way he thinks and how he works, and I’ve always wanted to mentor under him. David Fincher, if you’re listening, I still write to you and follow you!

How would you define beauty?
To me, beauty is psychological. In order to find something beautiful, it needs to resonate with me and trigger a little magic inside of me. You cannot tell me that a banana on a wall is art—that’s just somebody who can sell ice to Eskimos (laughs).

You have very striking blue hair, do you dye it often?
I’m what I call a seasonal hair dyer. My colleagues all know that I always have strange hair (laughs). My hair is now blue for the Christmas season; it will be red during Chinese New Year, and then gold in the second half of the year when the industry kicks off.

The creative industry is tough and very competitive, so pampering myself by doing my hair and nails makes me happy and helps me to forget the stress of work.

My hairstylist, Neil from VS Salon, says I’m crazy and tells me that I’m going to go bald one day. To that, I say: it’s hair, it will grow again (laughs).

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