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You’re a Fitness and Nutrition Coach. Have you always been into fitness?
No, it’s actually something I grew into.

After becoming a mum to two kids, my body went through many changes, so I decided to set a goal to not look like a mum. That was what drove me to becoming a bodybuilder, and I’ve been actively competing for six years.

Is bodybuilding very different from your run-of-the-mill workouts?
It’s the same thing, but perhaps bodybuilding is a bit more obsessive (laughs).

My clients are mostly bodybuilders—they are people who want to develop their physique, gain better physical perspectives, and generally have a better lifestyle.

How often do you workout?
Seven days a week (laughs). It’s very regimental and time-consuming, but I love it! People always talk about discipline, but if you don’t enjoy working out, then you won’t be able to sustain a routine for long.

What has parenting been like for you?
I communicate a lot with my children who are 11 and 14 years old. Being a teen is difficult—they’re supposed to act like adults while being treated like kids—and that frustrates them, so I try to be patient. I encourage them to spend time being kids and have fun doing what they want.

What are some things you enjoy doing with your children?
Our favourite activities to do together are sports. We do swimming, tennis, badminton, bowling, pool; all the sports you can think of.

The biggest lesson you’ve learnt as a mother is—
To be nicer to myself. If I don’t love myself, I cannot give my children what they want. That’s why I like to take care of myself through exercise, skin and hair care, and massages.

When I feel good, my kids feel good; when I’m frustrated, I can feel that they blame themselves. I don’t want them to feel like they’re obligated to make me happy.

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