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Arthur says he can’t really dispense any advice when it comes to dressing up, but he’s pretty precise when musing about what his everyday uniform would look like. “A well-cropped oxford shirt, with 3/4-length pants cropped a few inches above the ankle. And a hat when I have a bad hair day.” Describing his style as “relatively casual”, Arthur believes in not trying too hard, preferring to put his resources and efforts into his work instead. He is the co-founder of Foreign Policy Design Group, and together with his wife Yah-Leng, leads his team in creating imaginative, personalised work. “It is a good job for the most part, especially when we get good clients,” Arthur says. As part of a dynamic company that is ever-growing, evolving, and changing, he says that his ideal office space would have an open concept, “with loads of collaboration spaces and loads of laughter”. If he wasn’t working in design, Arthur says he would love to be a trader or an academic, and we don’t doubt that he’d excel in either profession. After all, Arthur says that “being good is not good enough”. “Stay hungry. Stay humble,” he advises. “Fail. Try again. Fail again. Try again.”
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