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Sharan has always wanted to work in fashion, so her current job came naturally and is something she’s been working at for the past 6 years in luxury retail company Reebonz. “I love the creative independence that Reebonz gives me and the strong-willed and passionate teams I work with here,” she says. “It’s a very fulfilling experience knowing how much we continue influencing the luxury journey of our consumers.” Her time at work has also taught her the importance of perseverance. “Never give up and lose sight of your goals despite the challenges that come your way,” she advices. “Complacency is a state-of-mind one should never be in, we have to constantly update our skills to stay relevant in a competitive workforce.” Sharan describes her style as eclectic, and is a big fan of accessorizing through statement necklaces or rings. “I also love powering up an otherwise casual look with a printed blazer, or even colour-blocking my outfits,” she says. “Ultimately, I believe that you should be comfortable in what you wear as that exudes self-confidence.” This career power woman says that she would had become a presenter for a travel series if she wasn’t working in her current job, but she seems completely happy with where she is. “Leading a well-balanced life is essential for me. My advise is to have priorities and stick to them,” she says. “When I’m at work, my full focus and energy is vested there, managing my time between multiple projects to ensure the day ends on a productive note. Off-work, I unwind through quality time spent with my husband and the weekends are usually activity-filled too.” Sharan ends off with a perfectly apt quote, one that drives her through tough days. “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”
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