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Love Bonito


Love Bonito


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Adora caught our eye in this abstract-printed skirt with a perfect office-appropriate length. Being able to pick her outfits out on the go, in the morning, is a skill she says that she has helmed over the years. It probably helps that her wardrobe has been carefully edited to make dressing up a breeze. “I focus on structured pieces and classy stilettos, with maybe a simple bangle or a pair of earrings.” Besides finding time for the gym and hot yoga after work, Adora also has an interesting hobby: she likes to collect dolls, even the creepy-looking ones, and has been doing so from a young age. “I even have this doll called Adora, which is placed on top of my wardrobe,” she says. “Everyone gets really creeped out by it when they go into my room.” We’re glad the real-life Adora is a lot more charming than her doll counterpart..

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