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This is the second time we’ve spotted Nicholas, and he’s still keeping up his leatherwork hobby on the side. “I’m wearing a belt that I made, and I did some custom patina work with leather dyes on my shoes to give them more character.” Nicholas pays particular attention to his shoes, choosing to invest in quality leather ones that will last a long time. “Some guys spend a lot of effort getting great clothes, but totally ignore their footwear; I see far too many people in square toed black shoes!” In other aspects, Nicholas tries to keep things simple and dresses on a budget, changing things up with his socks, pocket squares, and bracelets. This ties in with his minimalistic nature, which he says he would apply to his workspace if he could. “I’m a nutter for keeping things organized and tidy, but in a bigger sense, I do like the CBD area where I currently work as there’s such a nice blend of different people and cultures all in one tightly packed space.” The Malaysian says that he loves being able to meet all kind of new people while at work, and advises that everyone should get as much as experience as possible at the beginning and try new things that they’d enjoy. He applied this to one of his ventures, when he became the founding member of a startup company. “It may not have turned out the way my partners and I wanted, but it was a great learning experience and invaluable towards my current progression in my line of work.” However, if Nicholas had a choice to do anything he wanted, he says that he would love to work on restoring old cars. “I have a passion for cars, BMWs in particular,” he says. “I used to do this with my old car back in Kuala Lumpur, but obviously that’s not the case here in Singapore.” Nonetheless, it seems that Nicholas is always looking for ways to get hands on and improve his craft, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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