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If Nadia looks familiar, it’s probably because she’s got a distinctly edgy style that isn’t easily forgotten, or  because you’ve seen her face in numerous fashion editorials and campaigns. However, her day-to-day life is a little more behind-the-scenes. She works for the Kilo group on event coordinating and artist management, a job which doesn’t require her to give up her usual style. “I’m lucky to have bosses who encourage me to dress as I usually do, even at work, so no problems at all!” she says. “If we have events that require a certain style of dressing, then yes, I would personalise my look to fit into the occasion.” While Nadia is glad that she doesn’t have fixed 9-5 working hours, her work timings can be “pretty screwed up”. “If an event is coming up, it can get erratic, depending on the number of errands you have to complete for it.” The uncertain work hours and busy periods might make it hard for Nadia to meet up with friends or family, but, perhaps in line with what she does for work, she likes to plan ahead. “I usually ask them what their plans are, and book it in my calendar.” If she could do anything she likes, however, Nadia says she would love to be a marine biologist. “It’s a bit far off from the nature of my job, but the ocean fascinates me and I would love to discover new marine species. So it’s either that, or I’d love to become a mermaid — endless sea exploration!” In her down time, Nadia enjoys discovering new music and having film marathons; most recently, she’s taken up yoga, “just to keep my head and body clear”. Not that she needs help with flexibility, it seems. “I can actually bend over backwards and walk on my hands and feet,” she laughs. “Freaky!” Nadia is definitely her own person, with her own unique personality, something which she is proud about. Her favourite quote? “It’s by Dream Hampton: ‘Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.’”

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