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Kate Spade



Something interesting about yourself.
I’ve just been in a theatre production called One Man, Two Guvnors. So yeah—I work in PR by day, and I’m an actor by night. It’s like Batman. I auditioned for a play about three and a half years ago at The Stage Club, the oldest theatre company in Singapore, and I’ve done about four plays with them ever since.

What’s the most memorable role that you’ve taken on?
Oh God! Good question. I love Shakespeare, so Portia in The Merchant of Venice last year. It was really exciting, set in turn of the century Shanghai, so that was a really cool production to do.

If you could have dinner with three famous people—living or dead—who would they be and why?
Oh God, I hate this question! Ah, pressure. I think number one would be Johnny Depp, because I think he’s absolutely nuts but I kind of love him. I would just get him to do impressions of all the parts that he’s ever done. I’ll just stick with Johnny Depp, I’m happy there. Oh, and Tom Hardy—I love him, he’s gorgeous.

If you could bring three things to an island that you’re going to be stranded on for a while, what would they be?
A knife, because it’s practical for building my house and catching fish. Pepper, because you can get salt from the sea, and you’ve got to flavour your food. And a lifetime supply of Audible, the audiobook app.

I secretly…
Read cookbooks in bed. It’s like bedtime reading.

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