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Dylan Kain

The best decision I’ve ever made?
Starting my own business seven years ago provided me with so much experience and many opportunities. Even though I no longer work for myself, I have my mind set on doing that again somewhere down the line.

Advice I’m living by:
I heard this recently from Pastor Nicky Raiborde and it resonated so deeply with me as he summed up what I’ve been doing: pray for direction, weigh it. Make a decision, say and declare it. Dedicate to doing it.

I’d never be caught dead wearing…
Rainbow colours all at once—sorry, Nicole! She’s one of my best friends and we are just so different.

That one item I’ve repeatedly worn over the past month:
This Dylan Kain bag—it’s small enough to carry around without getting a backache, yet big enough to fit all my necessities.

Most memorable trip:
Travelling to Seoul & Busan with my now-husband for three weeks, three years back, for the League of Legends World Championships. It was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and the energy was mind-blowing. Most importantly, we made a ton of amazing friends there, some of whom we still are in touch with.

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