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Not everyone can pull off a knotted top as workwear, but Angie is lucky to work in an industry that allows her some measure of freedom with her dress. She’s also managed to make her fitting, tribal-inspired skirt look classy, not trashy, by keeping the print muted and the length demure. She tops off the look with a sweet pair of peach-pink loafers, a dressier alternative to plain ballet flats, but a notch down from pumps or heels. Work for Angie is a labour of love. “You get what you put in,” she says. If she could however, we get the feeling that Angie would spend all her time watching plays, and she rattles off a list of some of her most-loved ones. “My recent favourites are Red, a two-man play about painter Mark Rothko’s final months; Mies Julie, an intense story set in South Africa shortly after the end of Apartheid; and local theatre company Wild Rice’s reinterpretation of The Importance of Being Earnest and Cook A Pot of Curry.” As an interior designer, Angie also hones some of her artistic skills outside of work. “I love to sketch, whether it be landscapes, objects, or people,” she says. “I especially enjoy live gesture drawing at the Goodman Arts Centre, and pen and ink sketching in and around Singapore, or on my travels.” Watching plays and sketching has also given her a keen eye for things, although she finds it secondary to her love of sketching. “To quote Henri Cartier-Bresson: “Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.”” Angie was previously seen here.

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