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We first met you in 2011—tell us what’s changed since then!
My dress sense is a little more casual now. When I was younger, I favoured shorter dresses and body-hugging items; now my dress sense is a little more modest, and I only take out the bodycon clothes for special occasions.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy watching films, listening to music, and I like to read. I also look out for ways I can give back to society—I help out every week at my town council, assisting residents who need help in writing appeal letters and other matters. That’s something else that’s changed for me as well—I used to think about what I could gain from things, but now I’m more focused on what I can give back.

What’s a cause that’s close to your heart?
I’d like to raise awareness about domestic violence, both for male and female victims, but it’s a little bit easier to reach out to women’s organisations. It’s a cause that affects all women—it’s not just women from low-income backgrounds, even smart, educated women stay with abusive spouses and families, and what they need the most is support. If I were to tell you that my husband is beating me up, the first thing most Singaporeans would say is “Aiyah, just leave.” Instead of trying to understand and support them, that makes them feel like it was a stupid mistake.

Do you go to concerts a lot?
I do, but the bands I like seldom come to Singapore for concerts. The last concert I went to was Wynton Marsalis, a jazz musician, but it wasn’t that enjoyable for me. It’s been a long time since I last went to a festival—the last festival I attended was Garden Beats, and my favourite performance was by Black Coffee, who’s a DJ and singer-songwriter.

What are some of your comfort foods?
As I grow older, what I’ve begun to appreciate more and more is a simple, wholesome well-made meal.  I always defect to carbs and soups, but none of that overpriced haute gastronomy for me anymore.

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